SIRION Biotech's Viral Vector Technologies

for every application, from gene therapy and vaccination development to customization of cell modeling tools.

transient Adenovirus Adenovirus, transient
stable Lentivirus Lentivirus, stable
in-vivo AAV Adeno-associated virus, in-vivo

Academic, industrial and therapeutic R&D
Gene function and target research
Gene/Cell based therapy

Contact us - Whether you seek help customizing a vector for academic use or support for your industrial R&D, we will discuss and plan your project in detail.

With OVER 500 projects for more than 150 repeat clients, SIRION Biotech understands the technical challenges of your work.

SIRION Biotech improves transduction & performance of your viral vector strategies; it is the world leader for innovating virus based technologies and provides custom services to academic and industrial partners worldwide. SIRION's focus on transduction technologies is why it is the only company mastering custom optimization of all 3 major virus types that are used regularly for genetic modification of mammalian cells.

- Customized viral vectors and cell models – highest quality standards and QC

- Detailed & precise time management – stick to your project plans, meet your deadlines

- Personalized multilingual project management and consulting – our expertise with your goals in mind

Technology features include

- Multicistronic (all-in-one) Lentivirus, AAV and Adenovirus engineering and production, largely with proprietary IP

- Full expression control with inducible or tissue specific promoters and specialized transduction boosters

- Ability to work as next generation technology R&D partners to generate new intellectual properties and excel the precision of your therapy development.

Licensing options for existing in-house technologies are available.

SIRION Biotech is globally active, with a strong customer base in cancer research, neurosciences, regenerative medicines, gene therapy, CAR-T cell development and new vaccination methods.