SIRION Biotech - Europe's leading Commercial Vector Core

SIRION Biotech specializes in next generation viral vectors for gene therapy and vaccines, all relevant kinds (AV, LV, AAV), in research and pharma grade. With more than 500 viral vector projects over the last 3 years for more than 150 repeat clients, SIRION Biotech has a thorough understanding of the industry’s technical challenges. Many Big Pharma, food & cosmetic companies are working with SIRION Biotech's viral vectors, and cell models respectively.

August 7, 2015: Progress Published in Screening for New Cancer Compounds in Context of Radiation Therapy

SIRION has shifted the paradigm among viral vector partners by providing all three major vector types, adenovirus (AV),adeno-associated virus (AAV) and lentivirus (LV), covered by intellectual property (IP) claims which are pending worldwide. With world leading expertise in the field of transduction and innovative solutions that account for quantity and purity issues, SIRION delivers on-time, on-budget and is setting new standards in quality and performance.

• Adenovirus (AV): Based on proprietary BAC technology which allows for construction of rare adenovirus serotypes for vaccine development, our AV preparations are available on a fee-for-service basis and made in 4-6 weeks. Clinical use of AV serotypes is possible with licensing agreements.

• Adeno-associated virus (AAV): Our AAV purities and concentrations are superior as supported by our high standard quality controls and confirmed in a recent independent publication. Of specific interest are tissue specific AAV and capsid mutations. Clinical use is possible with licensing agreements.

• Lentivirus: Our proprietary, Lenti-BOOST™ and Lenti-THERAPY™ provide superior and specific transduction efficiencies. Lenti-BOOST is based on a non-toxic chemical which increases the permeability of cell membranes, allowing lentiviruses easy access. Clinical use is possible with licensing agreements

Watch our short 3 minutes video on SIRION Biotech's vision for Modern Drug Discovery:

Molecular biologists experienced in the field stand ready for project discussions in Europe, Japan and USA. Study some of our latest developments:
  • LentiTHERAPY - targeted lentiviral transduction at high efficiencies
  • All-in-one inducible vector systems
  • VariCHECK - the inducible expression switch
  • Ad19a - the first widely accessible subtype D adenovirus