RNAiONE - shRNA design and validation service

Design and validation of shRNA sequences to knockdown

Service Description

Our RNAiONE system enables you to find the most potent shRNA sequence to knockdown your gene of interest (GOI).

All we need is access to a cDNA clone of your GOI. This can come from you or a commercial supplier. At the end you will receive the validated shRNA sequence info, together with a protocol highlighting all validation results. Depending on the amount of initial sequences plugged into our validation process we can guarantee to identify at least one sequence that will achieve  >80% (10 seq.) to >90% (15 seq.) knockdown rates through the validation process.


  • Designing of 10, 15 or more shRNA sequences using in-house algorithms
  • Cloning of the cDNA of your GOI into a pVal vector
  • Cloning of 10, 15 (or more) different shRNAs into pVal-GOI (=pVal-GOI-shRNA 1-x)
  • Transfection of 293 or NIH-3T3 cells with the resulting validation vectors
  • Quantification of target gene knockdown by qRT-PCR  relative to control cells

Pricing: US/EUR

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