Stably overexpressing cell lines


Receive a custom made cell line stably expressing... 

Service Description

- Cloning the cDNA of Your Gene of Interest (GOI) in an expression vector

- Verification of cloning success by DNA-Sequencing

- Transfection/transduction of Your Cell Line with the resulting expression vector

- Generation of stable cell pools or clonal cell lines by antibiotic selection.

- Quantification of  expression of your GOI by qRT-PCR and/or Western Blot



- Maximum flexibility in experimental design

- Homogenous GOI expression both on mRNA and protein level.

- GOI Expression adjustable by choice of promoter

- From receipt of your cDNA to delivery of a functionality tested stable cell pool in less than 6 weeks

- Funcionality tested frozen cells ready to use


Available Expression Systems

 - Monocistronic or bicistronic expression of your GOI

 - In all bicistronic vectors the expression of your GOI is coupled to that of the gene confering antibiotic resistance

Vector Promoter GOI expression Resistence Vector type
CMV-LV CMV monocistronic Puro or Neo lentivirus
CMV-P CMV monocistronic Puro or Neo plasmid
EF1a-LV human EF1a bicistronic Puro or Neo lentivirus
EF1a-P human EF1a bicistronic Puro or Neo plasmid
Ubiqc-LV human Ubiq  c bicistronic Puro or Neo lentivirus
Ubiqc-P human Ubiq  c bicistronic Puro or Neo plasmid

Price for service is based on the customized options chosen and is available on request

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