TET-ON inducible-overexpressing cell lines

Receive a custom made cell line inducibly expressing your gene of interest (GOI). 

Service Comprises

  •  Cloning the cDNA of Your Gene of Interest (GOI) in an expression vector
  •  Verification of cloning success by DNA-Sequencing
  •  Transfection/transduction of Your Cell Line with the resulting expression vector     
  •  Generation of stable cell pools or clonal cell lines by antibiotic selection.
  •  Quantification of inducible expression of your GOI by qRT-PCR


  •  Maximum flexibility in experimental design
  •  Tight system with negligibly low background expression in the absence of Dox
  •  Strong induction of GOI expression in the presence of Dox
  •  Tunable Expression of Your GOI
  •  From receipt of your cDNA to delivery of a functionality tested stable cell pool in less than 6 weeks
  •  Funcionality tested frozen cells ready to use

Available Expression Systems

SIRION's Unique One-Vector system:
GOI and TET-responsive transactivator expressed from the same vector

Standard Two-Vector systems:
GOI and TET-responsive transactivator expressed from different vectors

Vector System Type of regulation best cDNA size  Vector type
One-vector-LV   TET-ON up to 4 kb lentiviral
One-vector-LV   TET-OFF up to 4 kb lentiviral
One-vector-P   TET-ON up to 4 kb plasmid
One-vector-P   TET-OFF up to 4 kb plasmid
Two-Vector-LV   TET-ON > 4kb lentiviral
Two-Vector-LV   TET-OFF > 4kb lentiviral
Two-Vector-P   TET-ON > 4kb plasmid
Two-Vector-P   TET-OFF > 4kb plasmid

Price for service is based on the customized options chosen and is available on request

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