Custom Adenovirus vector for Overexpression

Receive a custom made Adenovirus to overexpress... 

Service Comprises

  • Cloning of the cDNA of your gene of interest (GOI) in an adenovirus shuttle plasmid
  • Verification of cloning success by DNA-Sequencing
  • Generation of recombinant adenovirus BACs
  • Production of low-passage virus stocks
  • Amplification on 293 cells
  • Purification and Titration of infectious units (IU)
  • Gene expression quantification on mRNA level by qRT-PCR


  • Patent pending BAC technology guarantees fast time lines resulting in less than 6 weeks from cloning to final virus preparation
  • Fast and reliable time lines
  • Highest product purity
  • Easy titration of the degree of overexpression by using different virus amounts
  • Ideal for primary cells or even in-vivo applications
  • Reproducible results by high efficient titration

Available Expression Systems
Different available promotors and marker genes guarantee for flexibility in vector design

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