Lentivirus particles for constitutive stable gene overexpression

Field of Applicatio

Stable cell model generation to analyze long term effects of gene overexpression in vitro

SIRION offers

  • Lentiviral particles for highly homogeneous cell model generation
  • Custom lentivirus  in 2-4 weeks
  • Variety of different mono- and bicistronic viral vector backbones
  • Different available promotors and marker genes guarantee for flexibility in vector design

Service Comprises

  • Cloning of gene of interest into a lentiviral expression vector
  • Verification of cloning success by DNA-Sequencing
  • Lentivirus generation from 1x10E6 Hek 293 cells
  • Lentivirus titration by qRT-PCR [VP/ml]
  • optional: SIRION offers full cell modelling service subsequent to LV generation

For further information or to order please contact a representative of our sales team