SIRION Biotech - Europe's leading Commercial Vector Core

SIRION Biotech is a supplier of most sophisticated viral vectors of all relevant kinds (AV, LV, AAV) to both academia and industry. These are being used for target research or for gene therapy. With more than 400 viral vector projects over the last 3 years for more than 150 repeat clients, SIRION Biotech has a thorough understanding of the industry’s technical challenges. Many Big Pharma, food & cosmetic companies are working with SIRION Biotech's viral vectors, and cell models respectively.

Custom services and kit development started in Munich in 2007, additional offices are located in New England, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Seoul. Much improved target identification and compound screening in the drug, the food & cosmetic industries are now possible. So are viral vectors as novel biologics for clinical development.

Commercial arrangements range from fee-for-service over exclusive rights on single clones all the way to milestone & licensing arrangements. The latter are suited for longer term complex product developments in the areas of gene therapy and vaccines.

Molecular biologists experienced in the field stand ready for project discussions in Europe, Japan and USA. Study some our latest developments:
The company is privately held and has over the years raised funds from 8 investors both private and government. In order to support further growth and to benefit from technology development in this exciting industry, the company welcomes new investors. Please contact Management for further information about the company and its future plans.