AAV expression PLASMIDs

Easily produce your own tissue specific AAV vectors with SIRION Biotech`s unique and ready to use AAV expression plasmids. Profit from our functionality tested in vivo promoter portfolio.

  • AAV expression plasmids based on commonly used ssAAV2 serotype
  • compatible with classical 2 or 3 plasmid packaging systems
  • flexibility of experimental design with integrated classical MCS
  • vector map included
  • additional AAV control plasmid (CMV-MCS)
  • Delivery time: 2 weeks
  • Price: 995,00 EUR for the indications ophthalmology, brain, muscle
  • Price: 680,00 EUR for the indication liver

* Use of the recommended serotype for each specific application can synergistically increase the tissue tropism of the vector system.

SIRION Biotech also offers the custom production of AAV serotypes 1-6. Each production is subject to a strict quality control to guarantee highest functionality, purity and concentration.

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