AAV for pilot experiments

The success of AAV in vivo experiments is, beside virus quality and titer, highly dependent on the best suitable serotype and promoter choice.

AAV serotypes are created by modification of the binding motif on the viral capsids leading to different and specific tissue tropism. Moreover, due to reduction of the potential for recognition by human serum antibodies, infection efficiency is increased and immune response reduced to a minimum. This makes AAVs also a promising and in first trials already successfully proven tool for gene therapy.

SIRION offers

  • scientific project consulting and planning (especially in ophthalmology and cardiology)
  • ssAAV-CMV-GFP test batches with 1-2 X10E11GC delivered in 1-4 weeks for serotypes 1-6 & 1/2
  • a broad functionality tested tissue specific promoter portfolio to enhance and optimize specificity. This includes heart, skeletal muscle, liver, CNS and retina.
  • * Promoters can be used for custom AAV generation or are available as rAAV expression plasmids.

Find your best suitable serotype

The following table serves as a guideline for first AAV experiments and includes only the serotypes 1-6 which can be commercialized by SIRION. Recommendations are based on experimental data after systemic injection in mice as described in Zincarelli et al. 2008/ Molecular Therapy.

NEW: KeraAAV - keratinocyte specific AAV serotype

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