Adeno Associated Virus (AAV)

Engineered AAV vectors for gene expression and knockdown

Fast and reliable production of your custom AAV

In vivo AAV applications are used to determine the phenotypic impact of a genetic modification on the level of the living organism.

The biological characteristics of adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) make them one of the most promising avenues for in vivo application of viral vectors.

Advantageous features of AAV are:

  • Lack of apparent pathogenicity → low immunogenicity
  • Long term gene expression in vivo (> 1 year)
  • Infects dividing and non-dividing cells
  • Different serotypes/ promoters allow for highest tissue specificity
  • BL-1 (S1) compatible in Germany (other safety regulations might apply in other countries)

SIRION BIOTECH specialize in custom adeno-associated virus services for design and AAV production of serotypes AAV1-6 and 1.2 in shortest possible timeframes.

The AAV virus production service allows for the integration of virtually any desired expression construct within the vector's cloning capacity (4.5 kb). Highly purified and concentrated AAVs enable non-toxic in vivo delivery.

SIRION BIOTECH also posseses the ability to combine tissue specific promotorsor customAAV serotype engineering to further increase expression precision.

SIRION's experience enables to guarantee supply with up to 5*10E13 GC (guaranteed minimum quota) of a given AAV construct, along dependable timelines.

Independent publications verify the superior quality of SIRION-produced AAV.

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