AdenoBOOST - simply maximize your adenovirus uptake

Recombinant adenoviruses can infect all cells possessing the appropriate primary adenovirus receptor CAR (Coxsackie Adenovirus Receptor). However some cell types express only low or even no levels of CAR, making efficient recombinant adenovirus transduction almost impossible.

AdenoBOOST™ specifically bridges the adenovirus surface to the cell membrane, thereby enhancing gene expression by 20 to 50-fold into cell types which lack the primary adenovirus receptor CAR.

Product Description

AdenoBOOSTTM is a non-toxic peptide-based solution

  • simply added to the adenovirus prior transduction
  • specifically bridging the adenovirus surface to the cell membrane
  • increasing the binding of adenovirus to cell surface

SIRION`s benefits

  • 20 to 50-fold enhanced expression
  • Access to nearly all cell types without species limitations
  • Reduced adenovirus amounts
  • No cell toxicity


Order No. Product Description Price [EUR]
SB-P-AV-101-01 AdenoBOOSTTM Adenovirus Transduction Enhancer Solution, 50 Transductions 295,00
SB-P-AV-101-02 AdenoBOOSTTM Adenovirus Transduction Enhancer Solution, 150 Transductions 695,00
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Application Example

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