SIRION Biotech is Europe's leading Commercial Viral Vector Supplier with a most comprehensive portfolio of custom viral vectors, shortest response times and most reliable project management. Viral Vectors are being used for Gene Function Research, Clinical Target Validation, Gene Therapy & Vaccines.

The company started in 2007 and since then has been changing the paradigm of viral vector supplies. Specifically,

  • all common vector types are available within a matter of weeks - adenovirus, adeno-associated virus (AAV) and lentivirus
  • a full range of virus related services at your fingertips spanning from
    • particle production to
    • virus driven cell modelling –
    • including the unparalleled RNAiONETM knockdown validation platform
    • at highest titers and in quantities required for preclinical, clinical and animal testing.
In the area of Lentivirus the company recently announced...

  • increased transduction efficiencies by retargeting LV particles with scFv-ab expression and
  • non-toxic transduction enhancers (LentiBOOST™ and LentiTherapy™)
In the area of Adenovirus the company's latest are...

  • novel AV serotypes (Ad19a) with superior human tissue tropisms for vaccination and gene therapy studies
  • viral vectors produced in human production cell lines, allowing for highest safety standards (- soon to be provided in GMP-quality standards)
  • significant transduction enhancement withAdenoBOOST™

The company is easily accessible with presence in Munich, Tokyo, New Hampshire and Tel Aviv. Commercial arrangements range from fee-for-service over exclusive rights on single clones all the way to milestone & licensing arrangements. The business model proves successful: an annual 70% growth since 2007 and experienced in more than 300 projects for both the academic and industry sector.

The company is privately held and has over the years raised funds from 8 investors both private and government. In order to support further growth and to benefit from technology development in this exciting industry, the company welcomes new investors. Please contact Management for further information about the company and its future plans.