The success of AAV in vivo experiments is dependent on virus quality and titer. Equally important is the correct choice of serotype and promoter.

Choosing SIRION's custom AAV service our technical experts will assist you to identify the optimal setting for your specific application and engineer AAV vectors exactly to your specification.

For a first step in your AAV strategy SIRION offers AAV-CMV-GFP test batches for serotype 1-6 & 1/2 for pilot experiments.

  • tissue specific long term gene overexpression and knockdown in vivo

  • highest possible tissue tropism with unique serotype and promoter portfolio
  • from cDNA to high titer AAV delivery in less than 2 months
  • low immunogenicity
  • long term gene expression in vivo
  • BL-1 (S1) -1 handling
  • Reliable results for in vivo target validation

Service Details

  • Cloning of your cDNA (up to 4 kb)/ shRNA in SIRION`s AAV2 expression vector (choose your promoter)
  • Verification of cloning success by DNA-Sequencing
  • Small-scale test production with GO/ No-GO decision
  • GO: standard production
  • Transfection of 293T cells with custom AAV2 expression vector and serotype specific helper plasmids (1-6, 1/2 or KeraAAV)
  • Optional: additional purification and concentration [1X10E13 GC/ml] for AAV1, 1/2, 2 and 6
  • Genomic titer determination, QC and delivery of at least 1-5 X10E12 GC