Knockdown Technology

Knockdown studies for target validation and drug discovery - custom gene silencing

Benefit from SIRION's comprehensive RNAi virus technologies

Knockdown (KD) studies are indispensable approaches for target validation and drug testing. Since the discovery of RNAi mechanisms in the last century, the rational algorithm-based design of shRNA sequences has been successfully used to develope potent RNAi strategies.

The RNAiONE™ system consists of a sophisticated one vector shRNA validation system that enables identification of shRNA sequences with a gene silencing potential above 90%. Our technology has been successfully applied for gene knockdown experiments against targets from a multitude of different mammalian species.

SIRION's RNAi validation platform has been developed in-sync with SIRION's comprehensive virus technologies, conserving silencing power while moving from validation to the end application. Strong knockdown efficiencies are key to avoid unwanted side effects. In combination with inducible expression vectors it enables the study of otherwise cell toxic loss-of-function experiments.

Any project is thoroughly discussed with our customers to ensure that the resulting strategies are feasably designed and fit the final application.