Universal LV transduction enhancer.

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LentiBOOSTTM is a highly effective, non-cytotoxic chemical transduction enhancer. As universal adjuvant acting cell receptor independent it can be applied to a wide range of cell types from hard to transduce cancer cell lines up to challenging primary cells. Strongest enhancing effects have been observed on clinically relevant cell types including CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and primary T-cells. These unique features make it a promising candidate to improve clinical transduction protocols for ex vivo gene therapies.

Available in two grades;

LentiBOOSTTM research grade

for basic research applications, available to academic groups.

LentiBOOSTTM clinical grade

available as GMP material for use in clinical stage protocols. Licensing options for Commercial Use and Development are available. Please inquire with licensing@sirion-biotech.com.

LentiBOOST™has been successfully used to increase transduction of clinically relevant cells such as patient derived PBM cells.

Combination of LentiBOOSTTM and spinocculation protocols greatly improves Lentiviral application.


·Increase transduction,up to 90%even in hematopoetic cells

·Access to a broader range of cell types

·No cell toxicity

·Ready to be integrated in clinical development

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