CAR-T acknowledged by FDA committee

Reprogramming of individual T-cells strengthens fight against cancer

24 Jul 2017: Novartis recently announced a unanimous recommendation of their CAR-T cell therapy...more

Clear the way with customized viral vectors

Profit from established viral vector experience

27 Jun 2017: Gene delivery by viral vectors has taken center stage in the development of gene therapies and immuno-oncologies; and it has revolutionized the precision with which complex cell models can...more

Use vectors without compromise

Viral Vectors engineered after your specifications - for academic and clinical research

30 May 2017:Off-the shelf virus vectors are naturally limited to answer only a basic set of questions.This can lead to...more

Optimize transduction

Ways to reach higher transduction levels with viral vectors

27 Apr 2017: Transduction - the application of viral particles to deliver gene constructs to a cell..more

Become part of the AAV movement

Easy access custom vectors with expert consultation

28 Mar 2017: Targeted gene delivery wasrevolutionized by the introduction of adeno-associated vectors...more

Master gene copy numbers in hematopoietic stem cells

Gene therapy safety improved by enhanced transduction efficiencies

28 Feb 2017: Transduction enhancers help increase the chances of success for blood-cell targeted...more

Vaccination candidate with top marks in prime-boost experiment

Success story for Ad19a/64 continues

1 Dec 2016: Ad19a/64 is considered by insiders as a promising vaccination and immune oncolgy tool because ...more

Improve Transduction

With advanced viral vector technologies

25 October 2016:Perfectly engineered vectors can only unfold their true potential if they reach their target cell.This supposedly simple principle becomes...more

New vaccination candidate successful in Ad5 pre-immunization trial

Adenovirus overcomes another pressing challenge

28 September 2016: Ad19a/64has met yet another challenge in its validation processasnovel vaccination candidate...more

Use the right vectors for your work, don’t compromise

Viral vectors engineered after your specifications

18 August 2016: The use of off-the shelf virus vectors is naturally limited to a narrow set of questions. Too often experimenters seem to

Succeed with Enhanced Lentivirus Transduction

Solutions for pre-clinical to clinical stages

27 July 2016: Hematopoietic cells are notoriously difficult to transduce. Standard solutions are limited to specific cell types and often cannot be translated into clinical stages...more

Discover transduction secrets for over 100 different cell types

Personal project consultation supports ambitious research

30 June 2016: Your research is unique. You may be the only person to research how a specific gene influences a particular cell type. Maybe you work on a targeted cure for a type of cancer? Or your CRISPR/Cas9 strategy targets that faulty gene that causes an orphan disease. more...

Avoid repeat experiments

Use the best viral vectors for your cell models

24 May 2016: Your work is only as good as your tools.With a growing demand for complex viral vectorsit is important to findatechnology expertthat...more

Overcome limitations of problematic genes

Be restriction-free during cell modelling and virus production

27 April 2016: Aproximately 10% of all artificially expressed proteins carry some degree of cell toxicity in vitro - outside their natural cell environment. read more...

New data - Achieve nearly 100% gene transfer into specialized cell types

switching to customized AV vectors - made easy

22 March 2016: Specialized and primary cell types are difficult to treat with common lipid-based transfection methods. This limitation can be overcome; thanks to readily available adenoviral vectors (AV).Read more...

Earlier posts...

Access endothelial cells efficiently in vitro - new AAV gene tools

Long lasting expression, any gene or shRNA, inducible TET optional

24 February 2016: A new type of adeno-associated virus has been engineered and validated as efficient gene carrier into endothelial cells. Readmore...

Share in our excitement for AAV engineering

Your contribution to building better vector systems

January 2016: With a whole list of AAV engineering projects in the pipeline for 2016, SIRION is pushing the boundaries of in-vivo gene modification to enable highest possible expression control. more...

Preclinical Vaccination Success

17 December 2015:Building a route to clinical applications. Just in time for the Holidays, SIRION Biotech clears a path for vaccination developments in 2016 - with its first successful preclinical vaccination results from ProVector™ cell products...more

Modifying iPS Cells with Lentivirus & Breakthrough for Adenovirus Production

04 November 2015: Building robust disease models. Engineered iPS cells are essential biotech tools, used to develop new treatments for a long list of diseases and physiological conditions including diabetes, Parkinson's and spinal cord injuries. While iPS cells are seldom modified in the end-application, it can be tremendously helpful when researching their properties during therapy development. more...

Gene Therapy
Reagents for high efficiency gene transduction

05 October 2015: T- and B- cell transduction more efficient and easier than ever. more...

Best possible results with your AAV and Lentivirus vectors
High purity AAV vectors make difference to CNS experiments

14 April 2015: Differences in AAV purity can affect the success of in-vivo CNS applications. A recent publication by Acta Neuropathologica Communications (1)compares AAV standards from two alternative sources in US & Europe. As it turns out, improved purity standards increase the survival of neurons significantly that can be measured 12 weeks post-operation. Cell survival in turn affected the results of the experiment massively,underlining the necessity to choose the best possible tools available for your lab work. more....

Use of virus vectors in clinical applications on the rise - SIRION BIOTECH stands ready to assist - Happy Transductions 2015 -

02 February 2015: Virus vectors gain further traction in the scientific community as auspicious data from clinical gene therapy studies is anticipated during the following months, says Piper Jaffray. AAV and lentivirus applications are predicted to offer new therapeutic solutions for a number of important fields, including heart failure, neurologic disease and ophthalmology. more....

Adenovirus vector design at industry standards now readily available as lysates - Prime Choice for transient gene expression

13 November 2014:Outsourcing of AV services significantly reduces vector construction timelines. Standardized quality controls add reliability to these important gene trafficking tools. These benefits in turn enable you to reach that next submission deadline with more reliable data and add credibility to your research. more....

Targeted gene delivery using improved lentivirus strategies - Liberate your cell based research from inconclusive data

23 Oct 2014: Difficult cell types can now be modified with lentivirus in a highly efficient manner. The combination ofnon-cytotoxic transduction agentsandsurface modification of lentiviral particleshelp increase overall transduction coverage. Strong expression boosts the quality of LV based experiments – and opens the door for new applications of this potent gene carrier system (e.g. CAR-T cell & stem cell therapy).

To this end, SIRION Biotech developed LentiTHERAPY– a fully customizable service providing transduction optimization for hard-to-target cell types. The services comprises of 3 elements that synergistically boost transduction to previously unattained levels. more....

Viral Vectors for Clinical Applications - RCA & cell specific transduction efficiences are among key issues - New challenges for vectors with clinical perspective

08 Oct 2014: rapidly, viral vectors are turning into a new generation of biologics to treat disease, similar to antibodies 30 years ago. Literally 100s of viral vectors are being tested in clinical studies currently under way. Regulatory authorities worldwide are setting and discussing new standards for manufacturing and application. SIRION Biotech over the last 3 years has been working on more than 400 viral vector projects and addresses an increasing number of clinical applications.

Benefit from optimized AAV plasmids for tissue specific in vivo gene modification

August 19, 2014: In vivo applications are now more predictable: Europe's leading AAV service provider expands its AAV product portfolio with AAV expression plasmid packages for tissue specific gene expression.

These new AAV expression plasmids :

  • enhance tissue specificity via optimized promotors
  • commonly used AAV2 single strand serotype,
  • containing a classical multiple-cloning-site (MCS) under the control of functionality-tested, tissue-specific promoters
  • are compatible with classical 2 or 3 plasmid packaging systems. More...

Enjoy Cell Specific & Non Toxic Lentivirus Transduction with antibody retargeting technology

LentiTHERAPYTM is a brand new 3 step process allowing for cell type specific transduction, significantly improved transduction efficiences and applicable even in clinical research settings.

Step 1: Retargeting antibody fragments on the virusenvelope. These fragments have a high affinity and specificity to peripheral proteins of cellsurfaces, allowing targeted precision of viraltransduction. More...

Improved lentiviral applications with non-toxic transduction enhancement

Working with lentivirus vectors is on the rise. Low transduction efficiencyremains a key issue, specifically when working with primary cells, as was confirmed in a survey at Washington's AACR meeting.

In vitro, the cationic polymere polybrene is conventionally used to increase lentiviral transduction rates. Polybrene functions by breaking down charge repulsion between virion and cell surface, increasing the accessibility for the virus particle. Despite its advantages, the use of polybrene is limited due to cytotoxic side effects at higher concentrations (Figure 1) excluding its use inin vivo applications or when hard to transfect cell types necessitate high virus titers. More...

Fine-tuning of gene expression levels is reaching new heights; latest data indicate full control is now possible, even in primary cells

The secret code to full control of gene expression levels is “TET”, Tetracycline-controlled transcriptional activation. In combination with tailor-made adenoviral vector elements you will control and guide expression intensity for better, clearer research results. There are close to no limits concerning cell type; TET works even with primary cells. This applies to knockdown and overexpression systems equally well. TET in combination with the right adenoviral delivery system allows for stunning results not possible only a few months ago. More.....

Accomplish in-vivo gene modifications with AAV vectors

Receive custom made AAV fast and reliable from an established core facility

Project oriented: You will overexpress or silence YOUR gene of interest (GOI) using a sophisticated AAV vector platform.

Tissue specific: You will have control over the GOIs expression pattern with

  • a range of AAV serotypes and
  • an array of tissue specific promoters. More...

90% knockdown rates on GPCR's now easy to achieve

Membrane-spanning GPCRs are notorious for their high resistance against shRNA knockdown applications. Even newest approaches only manage mediocre knockdown rates. Strategies achieving less than 60% knockdown on mRNA levels [1] are still accepted into high impact publications today (Impact factor - 6.5). A scan through recent literature confirms this being the norm rather than the exception [2-3]. More....

Cancer Centers are coming closer to thein vivo situation - Your custom target into your custom cell line in a matter of weeks

Europe's most comprehensive virus vector driven platform for genetic cell modeling will go with you all the way. Fromcustom viral vector cloningto the most sophisticated creation ofindividuallymodeledprimaryorstable cell lines.More....

Core Facilities improve on viral vectors

Institutional Core Facilities are important facilitators of academic research. They ensure high technology standards and form an important source for quick and reliable troubleshooting. With one of the most comprehensive viral vector platforms on the market, SIRION Biotech understands the importance of concentrating specialized technology. More....

GEN discusses novel ways for nearly perfect gene silencing with RNAi

Jan 2013: Many questions in cell biology can now be answered with powerful gene silencing tools available in a matter of weeks. Off-Target signatures in the phenotype can be eliminated by knockdown efficiencies far above 80%, which have become a new standard for the modern laboratory. GEN in its December edition explains how. More....

Most efficient inducible gene expression with latest All-in ONE vector technology

Nov 2012: Cells adapt to genetic modifications which can lead in certain cases to the selection of mutants escaping the genetic phenotype. Considering the adaptive capacity of cells,inducible gene expressionis a valuable tool for functional gene analysis.

SIRION`s 3rdgeneration inducible platform offers: More....

Maximize your Adenovirus uptake in murine cells….and profit from up to 50-fold enhanced gene expression with AdenoBOOST reagent

Nov 2012: Adenovirus transduction can be challenging: specifically when cells express little CAR (CoxsackieAdenovirus Receptor), key to infect ells. SIRION Biotech`s AdenoBOOST reagent is a non-toxic peptide based solution bridging the adenovirus to the cell surface. Results are phenomenal. More...

All-In ONE vectors for most efficient homogeneous inducible gene expression: near quantitative inducible knockdowns with latest lentivirus technology and RNAiONE

Oct 2012: Meaningful shRNA experiments go beyond validated knockdowns in excess of 90%. They include appropriate controls like confirming on-target phenotypes. LatestAll-in ONE lentivirus technologyallows for even more precise results when combining it with RNAiONE (3rd generation). More....,

Journal of Gene Medicine reports on improvements with lentivirus infection: novel adjuvants allow for up to 3 fold transduction enhancement

Aug 2012: Lentivirus remains the most favored viral vector system for stable gene transfer into mammalian cells. Its activation of stress signal pathways is minimal as are other phenotypic alterations. Lentiviral transduction efficiency, though, remains a hurdle when applying lentivirus to a broad range of cell types. More....

Inducible Knockdowns of nearly 100%!? – Is that possible? Ask for your Money Back Gurantee

Munich's CellCompetence Team is celebrating its first application of a nearly 100% inducible knockdown. What was considered impossible only a few years ago, is now becoming an industry standard.This gives reason to a first Money Back Gurantee in the industry. More...

Distinguish cancer from stromal cells in co-culture for your drug-testing applications

Fluorescent 3D tumor co-culture systems allow for mimicking the typical xenograft microenvironment more closely. Latest technology enables the scientist to easily distinguish cancer from stromal cells in co-culture. One is expressing GFP, the other RFP. All applicable on standard plate readers. More...

First time ever: Customer Satisfaction Guaranty for your Gene Knockdowns

Over the years SIRION Biotech has developed its into an art: in 80% of recent projects SIRION Biotech managed to identify shRNAs with knockdown results of above 80%. These results enable us to offer a Customer Satisfaction Guaranty. Project statistics below demonstrate how prevalidation results translate fully into KDs in cell product. More...

VariCHECK- switch most easily between wild type and mutant expression

Novel technology lets you massively improve on your mutation analysis:

  • one step functional analyses of any protein variant
  • for more sophisticated cancer resistance models
  • for better protein aggregation assays
  • for modern cell based models for neurodegenerative diseases More...

SenCELLTM- in vitro cell models with built in reporter genes for more effective screening

SIRIONBiotech this March launched its new line of products for functionality testing in stable in vitro cell systems. Take e.g.
SenCELL LifeActTMrepresenting a range of First in Class Sensor Cell Lines
  • sensor molecules that identifyactin dynamics
  • no interference with dynamic processes during cytoskeleton rearrangements More...

Adenovirus vector cloning & production in less than 4 weeks; purification in only 20 minutes!

Gene delivery is now made easy and affordable to every lab. Munich's CellCompetence Center has just made available two brand new kits under its AdenoONE label:
  • The AdenoONETM Cloning Kitenables recombination based adenoviral vector generation in E.coli cells followed by production in HEK 293 cells, within less than 4 weeks. Adenovirus particles are generated from an E1/E3 deleted adenoviral serotype 5 and therefore comply with required safety standards. More...

Inducible Knockdowns of nearly 100%!? – Is that possible?

The CellCompetence Team is celebrating its first application of a nearly 100% inducible knockdown. What was considered impossible only a few years ago, is now becoming an industry standard.

Example: Maximizing inducible gene knockdown by single cell cloning

Conditional gene silencingis what the researcher wishes to show. Towards that goal, limited dilution helped generating clonal cell lines from the stable pool. Subsequent quantification of target gene X in 25 Dox-treated clones then showed significant variations in mRNA expression levels. More...