Primary cell models, in comparison to classical tumor cells, mimic more the physiological conditions and become increasingly important. The high cell type accessibility without species limitations makes adenoviruses the perfect tool for the genetic engineering of primary cells.

Fields of Application

  • primary cell models via adenovirus transduction to be closer to physiological conditions
  • for ALL hard to transfect cell types
  • Optimal for non-dividing cells or cells with limited doubling capacity
  • to avoid stable genome integration and the risk of site specific mutagenesis
  • If transgene/ shRNA expression has adverse effects on cell growth and/or viability

SIRION`s benefits

  • cell models to be as close as possible to reality
  • Large cloning capacity up to 7.5 kb
  • Quantitative gene delivery and homogeneous expression in most cell types
  • near 100% knockdowns in combination with RNAiONETM
  • Highest gene expression levels by using high MOIs
  • Gene expression levels adjustable by using different MOIs (copy numbers/ cell)
  • Delivered cells are tested to be virus free (BSL-1)
  • From cDNA sequence via custom AV production to delivery of functionality tested cells in less than 6 weeks

Service details

  • Transduction of Customer Cells with custom adenoviral particles
  • Freezing of cells 48h after transduction
  • Quantification of gene expression by qRT-PCR and QC
  • optional: on Western Blot
  • Delivery of functionality tested ready to use frozen cells under BSL-1
  • Empty vector control cells are included or FREE

Application Example

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