AdenoONE&trade Purification Kit

Adenovirus purification in just 20 minutes!

High purity is essential for AV transduction experiments. Cellular debris and medium-derived proteins can cause toxic effects and reduce viral activity.

The AdenoONETM Purification Kit enables fast and easy chromatography based adenovirus purification directly from cell pellet within 20 minutes. The key element is a specific anion exchange membrane possessing very high binding capacity for adenoviruses that makes it an attractive alternative to time-consuming cesium-chloride ultracentrifugation. .


  • Fast - purify your adenovirus within 20 minutes
  • Simple - just equilibrate your column, load your sample, wash and finally elute highly purified virus
  • Efficient - high yields between 10E9 - 10E10 infectious units (IU) can be purified from a single 15cm dish

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SB-P-AV-102-01 AdenoONETM Purification Kit, 12 preps 435,00
SB-P-AV-102-02 AdenoONETM Purification Kit, 24 preps 649,00
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