RNAiONE(TM) - approaching 100% knockdown

Rational algorithm-based design of shRNA sequences has been successfully used for identification of active shRNA sequences. However knockdown efficiency of these sequences is generally 70% or less, and so only leads to partial gene knockdown,calling into question the validity of results.

SIRION Biotech`s core competence lies in the development of high efficiency shRNAs through the proprietary RNAiONE™platform.

RNAiONE™results are fully translatable to SIRION`s viral vector platform and cell model generation service.

Fields of Application

  • whenever near quantitative knockdowns are needed
  • loss of gene studies
  • target identification & validation
  • ON-targetcontrol cell models

SIRION`s benefits:

  • knockdown guarantee of > 80% on mRNA level
  • results fully translatable with viral vector design & cell model generation
  • validated shRNA in less than 3 weeks

Project statistics & Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Over the years SIRION Biotech has developed its base technology into an art: in 80% of recent projects SIRION Biotech managed to identify shRNAs with knockdown results of above 90%. Such experience makes it possible to issue warranties with its quotes.

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