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Power tools of Cell Based Research, Critical intermediates for Gene Therapy & Vaccines

The range of applications for viral vectors in cell based research and gene therapy is nearly inexhaustible. Learn how your research can benefit from these versatile tools in this 4-point online lecture series - sponsored by SIRION Biotech, Europe’s leading innovator of viral vectors both research & pharma grade and customized cell design.

Every lecture is set to last up to 30 Minutes and meant to focus on one central aspect of viral vector based cell design strategies .

Tissue Specific AAV– How to maximize AAV tissue specificity in vivo

AAV are the ultimate tool to genetically manipulate gene expression in mammalian organisms. With their ability to introduce long term gene expression in vivo and low immunogenic potential, these vectors hold a promise of future gene therapy applications to cure otherwise untreatable maladies.Learn about:

  • how to exploit the innate nature of these gene carriers to target specific types of tissue
  • Tissue specificity of different AAV serotypes
  • Promoter strategies to maximize cell specific expression levels (e.g. CNS)
  • How tomaximize this feature further, using strategic vector engineering and capsid modifications,Alternative AAV capsid modifications for new tissue preferences (e.g. Keratinocyte expression)

Knockdown Technologies– How to approach 100% kd efficiencies

Efficient knockdown strategies necessitate fine tuning of several crucial key points. Learn about:

  • Basics of shRNA function
  • How to create a potent knockdown technology platform – step by step
  • Approaches to validate ON-target effects

Adenoviral Vectors– Design and Applications.

Adenoviral vectors offer fast and titratable expression in close to any cell type. Learn about:

  • Adenovirus basics
  • Applications in cell based research
  • Advanced expression systems

From Lentivirus to Designer Cells– Customized Cell lines in Basic research.

Lentiviral gene delivery offers stable integration of gene sequences into the cell’s genome. Learn about:

  • Lentivirus basics
  • Advanced methods for cell line modulation – Inducible systems, 3D, reporter systems
  • Application examples

Optimizing Cell transduction– Boosters and virion modification.

Successful experimentation is decided by controlling the tropism of your gene delivery system. Learn about:

  • Transduction Boosters
  • Genetic modification of lentiviral tropisms
  • Fine tuning expression patters by managing promotor strategies

The participation for each lecture is limited to 25 guests.To receive your individual invitation, write directly to

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SIRION Biotech GmbH, Martinsried, Germany

Hosted by:Dr. Carl J. Christel, Manager - SIRION Biotech USA

A true dual-citizen of American and German descent, Carl has lived on both sides of the Atlantic. With his well based knowledge of cellular, neuro- and cardiac physiology and his unique bilingual background, he maintains fast and precise communications between the German headquarters and US clients.