Custom viral vectors for gene modification of mammalian cells

All major vector systems available

SIRION BIOTECH engineers viral vectors for academic and industrial R&D. With its comprehensive service portfolio it can access all major gene delivery systems (Adeno, Lenti and Adeno-associated), offering suitable methods for close to any application, whether for in vitro or in vivo purposes.

By offering all three, Adeno, Lenti and Adeno-associated vector systems for gene modification, SIRION BIOTECH maximizes your experimental freedom when designing your cell based research project and ensures maintenance of highest quality standards.

The custom SIRION BIOTECH virus portfolio includes:

  • Adenovirus
    - for strong, transient gene expression or -knockdown

  • Lentivirus
    - for stable gene expression or -knockdown over multiple cell generations

  • Adeno-associated virus
    - for long-lasting expression in-vivo

Benefit from our years of experience in custom virus generation and application.

Besides our outstanding versatility we offer several in-house improvements to current virus vector standards, further adding to your experimental toolbox. With over 400 projects under our belt we can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your individual research and development project.

We are happy to discuss projects of all sizes, from standard scale virus productions to full scale cell modelling inquiries.