Dynamic expression switch

VariCHECK™ RNAi ON-Target Verification System

VariCHECKTM is an advanced gene engineering service that enables researchers to dynamically switch gene expression of an endogenous gene to a different, ectopically expressed gene of interest.

This helps examine cellular processes associated with disease-causing mutations in protein kinase domains, growth receptors, oncogenes and other key regulatory proteins. VariCHECKTM can be also designed to serve as a perfect RNAi built-in control to confirm ON-target phenotypes.

The VariCHECKTM system has been described in a publication of a the Journal of Biomolecular Screening - link.

Developmental process & fields of application

1. Identification of a highly efficient shRNA using RNAiONETM

2. Generation of a stable inducible knockdown cell pool using TET-inducible lentivirus technology

3. Parallel overexpression of any desired protein in the knockdown cell pool.

A)Stable inducible with lentivirus technology

B)Transient constitutive with adenovirus technology

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