Inducible genetic engineering is a valuable tool for functional analysis of toxic gene modifications. Moreover it circumvents the risk of signaling pathway adaption which might occur after constitutivegene modifications.
SIRION Biotech offers TET-On and TET-Off inducible systems for both, stableand transient genetic engineering.

Fields of Application

  • Functional analysis of toxic gene modifications
  • Direct analysis of On-Target effects without risk of signaling pathway adaption
  • Whenever a tight and temporary control of gene expression is needed
  • Xenograft models in oncology research

SIRION`s benefits

  • Maximum flexibility in experimental design – ONE & TWO vector TET inducible system
  • In-house optimized inducible vector backbones for highly homogeneous cell pool generation → no more need for clonal selection
  • Tight and highly sensitive to doxycycline without leakiness
  • Strong induction of GOI/shRNA expression in the presence of doxycycline both on mRNA and protein level
  • near 100% knockdowns in combination with RNAiONETM
  • From cDNA sequence to delivery of a functionality tested inducible stable cell pool in less than 8 weeks
  • Functionality tested frozen cells ready to use under BSL-1

Service details

  • Transduction of Customer Cells with custom inducible lentiviral particles
  • Generation of stable cell pools by antibiotic selection.
  • Quantification of gene expression by qRT-PCR and QC
  • optional: on Western Blot
  • optional: clonal cell line generation
  • Delivery of functionality tested ready to use frozen cells under BSL-1
NOTE: for primary cells SIRION Biotech offers an inducible adenoviral TET-on TWO vector system

Application Example

TET-inducible expression of a GOI encoding for a 120 kDa Protein in A549 cells stably transduced with SIRION`s One-vector-LV TET-ON system. Quantification was performed by qRT-PCR and Western Blot.