Adenovirus transduction is transient due to episomal genome expression, thus circumventing the risk of site specific mutagenesis. Moreover by using high MOI the highest possible gene expression/ knockdown can be achieved.

Adenoviruses are characterized by high cell type accessibility without species limitation and represent a perfect tool for the transduction of primary cells.

Fields of Application

  • For studying short-term effects (up to 10 days) mediated by the expressed transgene/ shRNA
  • to avoid stable genome integration and the risk of site specific mutagenesis
  • If transgene/ shRNA expression has adverse effects on cell growth and/or viability
  • Optimal for non-dividing cells or cells with limited doubling capacity such as many primary cells

SIRION`s benefits

  • Large cloning capacity up to 7.5 kb
  • Quantitative gene delivery and homogeneous expression in most cell types
  • near 100% knockdowns in combination with RNAiONETM
  • Highest gene expression levels by using high MOIs
  • Gene expression levels adjustable by using different MOIs (copy numbers/ cell)
  • Delivered cells are tested to be virus free (BSL-1)
  • From cDNA sequence via custom AV production to delivery of functionality tested cells in less than 6 weeks

Service details

  • Transduction of Customer Cells with custom adenoviral particles
  • Freezing of cells 48h after transduction
  • Quantification of gene expression by qRT-PCR and QC
  • optional: on Western Blot
  • Delivery of functionality tested ready to use frozen cells under BL-1
  • Empty vector control cells are included or FREE

Application Example

Transient expression of gene X in U87MG cells transduced with the Ad-CMV-Target X vector. Western Blot showing gene X expression on days 3, 4 and 5 after transduction relative to cells transduced with an empty control vector (Ad-ctrl).