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Any Gene to Any Cell

SIRION Biotech Viral Vector Technologies from Vector Engineering and Manufacturing to Gene and Cell therapy Development

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 Viral Vector Engineering and Manufacturing

Multilingual Consulting



Broad Element Portfolio 


Precise Time Management

Highest Quality Standards 

R&D Partnership for New Technologies and IP 

With 2000+ projects for 150+ repeat clients in Cancer Research, Neurosciences, Regenerative Medicines,

Gene Therapy, CAR-T Cell Development & Vaccine Development,

SIRION Biotech understands the technical challenges of viral vectors.

SIRION Biotech leads the next generation of viral vector technologies for Gene and Cell therapy as well as Vaccine development. Now SIRION offers one of the world’s most comprehensive viral vector technology platforms based on lentiviruses, adenoviruses, and adeno-associated viruses (AAV) custom engineering and manufacturing to expedite Gene and Cell Therapy research and advance drug development.