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SIRION Biotech possesses one of the world’s most comprehensive viral vector technology platforms addressing all three major vector types – Lentivirus, Adenovirus and AAV. Services range from custom virus design to virus vector productions and cell modelling projects, including multicistronic expression systems and superior gene knockdown strategies (RNAiONE™). With its many advanced in–house developments SIRION Biotech is able to present new solutions for viral vector systems in modern research, narrowing the gap between in vitro models and in vivoapplications.
Not only is the company’s custom service team in business for more than 7 years with research / preclinical grade materials, the company is getting prepared to supply early clinical stages.
The company is privately held and has over the years raised funds from 8 investors both private and government. In order to support further growth and to benefit from technology development in this exciting industry, the company welcomes new investors. Please contact Management for further information about the company and its future plans.