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SIRION Biotech is committed to improving clinical use of viral vectors, ultimately for the benefit of patients. The spirit of quality and awareness of the immediate impact of everyone’s work on clinical research and therapy performance is communicated through our employees. We share our values by word and through action, like the royalty-free access program to SIRION’s LentiBOOST® technology to research hospitals.

SIRION Biotech is very international. Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Christian Thirion, is French, and we have staff at our Munich and Heidelberg sites from Germany, Australia, Portugal, Ukraine, France, Malaysia, Japan, and Canada. And staff in our US and French sites are from Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Germany, and USA. Transparency, performance-driven excellence, and acting against discrimination translates into an exceptionally high percentage of women at all levels of the company, particularly in leadership positions.

SIRION Biotech is currently seeking: 

 Technische/r Assistent/in für den Bereich Molekularbiologie  

Technische/r Assistent/in /Research Assistent/in für LV and AV Vectorproduktion

European Account Manager, Viral Vector Technologies

Technischer Assistent/ Research Assistent (m/w/d),
AAV-Produktion und Entwicklung
(Heidelberg Site)

 Technical Assistant/Research Assistant, AAV Production and Development (Heidelberg Site)