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SIRION Biotech started its business in 2005 in Munich, with the goal of sparking a new generation of viral vector technologies for cell and gene therapy, and vaccination development. This meant building novel, all-encompassing viral vector platforms for adeno-associated virus, lentivirus, and adenovirus to expedite its partners’ advances in the drug, cosmetics, and food industries.

SIRION Biotech is now the leading European developer and manufacturer of viral vectors for research and preclinical applications. To date we have completed over 8000 projects of all sizes, working closely with over 600 independent customer groups from academia and industry,of whom more than 400 are repeat customers. We also offer LentiBOOST®, a highly effective lentiviral transduction enhancer for therapeutic cell types like CAR-T cells and CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells. LentiBOOST® is currently included in more than 21 Phase III and I/II clinical trials.

We are committed to enabling our partners to develop the most successful vectors for their applications. We guide our customers through the entire Cell & Gene Therapy value chain – from capsid evolution and clinical vector design to reduce vector dose and improve therapeutic success — to supporting them with our process and development experience and manufacture of high-quality viral vectors for late preclinical applications.

SIRION Biotech has active R&D in the areas of AAV vector optimization and design for clinical compliance, and upstream and downstream process development for AAV, AV, and Lentivirus manufacture. We work closely with academic collaborators all over the world to ensure we stay at the forefront of technology developments. Our R&D and Process Development teams are constantly seeking to improve our offerings to meet the challenges facing cell and gene therapy companies.

Commercial arrangements range from fee-for-service and IP-generating collaborations to milestone & licensing arrangements.

The company is easily accessible with headquarters in Munich, sales offices in Boston and Paris, and long-standing sales agents in Tokyo, Seoul, Tel Aviv, and Shanghai.

On August 31, 2021, SIRION was taken over entirely by PerkinElmer, an international leader in the field of medical and biotechnology. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, the com-pany employs more than 14,000 people worldwide and offers extensive expertise in diagnostics, medical research, and environmental and food analysis through innovative detection, imaging, and informatics systems. PerkinElmer, Inc. is included in the S&P 500 stock market index.

Company Culture
SIRION Biotech is committed to improving clinical use of viral vectors, ultimately for the benefit of patients. The spirit of quality and awareness of the immediate impact of everyone’s work on clinical research and therapy performance is communicated through our employees. We share our values by word and through action, like the royalty-free access program to SIRION’s LentiBOOST® technology to research hospitals.

SIRION Biotech is very international. Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Christian Thirion, is French, and we have staff at our Munich HQ from Germany, Australia, Portugal, Ukraine, France, Japan, Canada, and Brasil. And staff in our US and French sites are from France, Belgium, Mexico, Lebanon, Brasil, Taiwan, Germany, and USA. Transparency, acting against discrimination, and performance-driven excellence also translates into an exceptionally high percentage of women at all levels of the company, particularly in leadership positions.

The Future
SIRION Biotech’s mission is to help cell and gene therapy companies get the most effective treatments to patients as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we are always looking to expand our services along the value chain. We are committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of viral vectors by working intensively on capsid evolution, upscaling our processes, improving our quality and controls, and managing the GMP production process. Our newly established Discovery and PreClinical Services team manage viral vector development and manufacturing, our GMP Alliances team work on the seamless transfer of protocols from our lab to a CMO, and our Cell and Gene Therapy Clinical Support team help our customers develop the most appropriate vectors for their applications and support them in their development of viral vector therapies.