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Dr. Kathrin Schneider

Senior Vice President, Global Business 

Phone :+49 89 700 961 99-13

Kathrin joined SIRION Biotech in early 2011, she is adding years of scientific experience in the fields of functional gene analysis and RNAi. During her PhD at the “Theodor-Boveri-Institute for life science” in Würzburg she investigated molecular pathways with an emphasis on cell cycle regulation. She has been specializing in developing genetically modified cell models using both viral vector technologies and RNAi. Kathrin received her diploma in human biology from the University of Marburg in 2007 with a focus on molecular biology, human genetics and virology. During this time she gained insight into cell modeling projects by working for Bayer HealthCare Leverkusen and the “Institute of Molecular Biology and Tumor Research” (IMT) Marburg.