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Supporting the Entire Cell and Gene Therapy Value Chain

Discovery and Preclinical Services

  • Vector feasibility control for small and large scale manufacturing
  • Customized development, manufacturing & QC packages for R&D and preclinical studies
  • Full service package: from cDNA synthesis to particles manufacture and QC 
  • Vector productivity assessment prior to large-scale manufacture 

AAV Capsid Engineering

  • AAV Evolution
  • Optimized capsids for gene therapy
  • Retargeted AAV capsids using nanobodies (coming soon)

Cell & Gene Therapy Clinical Support

  • In-depth analysis and consulting of CGT projects for improved efficacy and patient safety
  • Selection of viral vector platforms
  • Development of clinically compliant viral vector design
  • Therapeutic payload cassette optimization for efficacious and safe expression profile
  • Process development for optimal manufacturing productivity and negligible impurity levels
  • PoC and biodistribuition studies of the lead candidate batches in large animals with a CRO network

Technology Licensing

  • LentiBOOST® transduction enhancer with proven clinical success
  • BAC technology & Ad19a/64 license opportunities for R&D and clinical applications

GMP Alliances

  • Established CDMO network 
  • GMP-compliant lead vector plasmid.
  • GMP-compliant manufacturing plasmids (coming soon).
  • In development: GMP-compliant process transfer and validated assay transfer to CDMO