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Gene Therapy

Correcting Defective Genes to Treat Genetic Disease

Successful gene therapy approaches necessitate exact gene delivery and expression control, suited to the highly complex in vivo environment of clinical applications. They also require effective cost control at all development and production stages. By serving the entire AAV value-chain SIRION Biotech is the gateway to fast, cost-effective clinical vectors.

SIRION Biotech keys to success:

  • Clinical vector design and optimization
  • Vector capsid optimization
  • Early stage productivity metrics assessment
  • Platform manufacturing processes for R&D to late preclinical applications
  • Upstream and downstream process optimization
  • Established manufacturing processes, from R&D into clinic
  • Extensive experience with manufacture of over 100 different capsids and design of more than 2000 vectors
  • Centralized communication with academic, regulatory, and industrial partners
  • Designated multi-lingual development managers

Contact us – Discover how SIRION can help you reach your gene therapy goals.