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Opening in Gräfelfing near Munich

New Research Center for Viral Vector Engineering

SIRION Biotech’s success story began in 2006 in the Martinsried Innovation and Start-up Center Biotechnology (IZB), and continues now with its move into a new research and manufacturing center in Gräfelfing near Munich. This new location triples SIRION’s laboratory and office space dedicated to the company mission: creating optimized viral vectors and technologies that enable research organizations and cell and gene therapy companies to develop new therapies with increased patient safety and efficacy.

“The global demand for high-quality viral vectors is increasing and the existing development capacities are limited, so tripling the capacity of SIRION Biotech in Graefelfing is attracting attention worldwide. We opened a new research laboratory in Heidelberg in 2020 and are planning something similar for Boston in early 2023,“ says Dr. Christian Thirion, Managing Director of SIRION Biotech.

To date, SIRION Biotech has developed more than 8,000 viral vectors for more than 600 cell and gene therapy developers worldwide. Its technologies are used in over 30 clinical programs in the US, Europe and China.

Key Information

SIRION Biotech delivers custom viral vectors for preclinical research and development to over 100            customers worldwide every year.

  • Key competencies relate to the engineering of viral vectors using bioinformatics and molecular design to enhance efficacy and safety. State of the art production, purification, and quality control processes have been developed through years of experience developing and producing more than 8000 vectors.
  • 3 floors of laboratories rated for S1 and S2 biosecurity; Basement currently for storage and future use for large scale bioreactors.
  • Capacity for growth: up to 4 times as many staff as currently.
  • Another location for sales, marketing and administration is located in nearby Martinsried, with an additional research laboratory located in Heidelberg. Sales offices are located in Paris and Boston. Currently 65 employees worldwide.
  • Technological development is supported by collaborations with key research organizations such as the Helmholtz Institute, Heidelberg University Clinic, Innsbruck University, and the Ludwig Maximilian University the Technical University in Munich.

    Grand Opening Ceremony Program

    Date23 June, 2022, 14:30, CET


    • Kerstin Schreyer: State Minister (ret) , Head of Committee for Business, Development, and Energy, Media, and Digitalization.
    • Roland Weigert: Bavaria State Secretary for Business, Development, and Energy. Member of the Bavarian Government.
    • Peter Koestler, First Mayor of Graefelfing
    • Prof. Dr. Domdey: President of the BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH and the BioM AG in Martinsried. Speaker for the ‘Bavaria Biotech Cluster’ on behalf of the Bavarian Government. Speaker for the Munich cluster ‘m4 – Personalized medicine and targeted therapies’ (2010-2015)
    • Dr. Hanns Zobel: President of the IZB (Innovations Zentrum Bayern)
    • Dr. Christian Thirion: Founder of SIRION Biotech in 2005 and CEO
    • Bryan Kipp: VP/GM Life Sciences Strategy & Integration at Perkin Elmer, Inc.
    • Peer entrepreneurs from the Munich area, clients, and advisors
    • Employees of SIRION Biotech from all 5 sites: Munich (2), Paris, Boston, Heidelberg



    13:30-14:30        Arrival of guests at Am Haag 6, 82166 Gräfelfing

    14:30                     Opening statements by Dr. Christian Thirion

    14:40                     Image video of SIRION Biotech

    14:45                     Prof. Dr. Domdey: Status of Gene Therapy and the need for viral vectors;

    15:15                     Kerstin Schreyer: Focus on new technologies for Bavarias business development and support

    15:30                     State Minister Weigert – Presentation by Video

    15:35                     Dr. Christian Thirion: Information about SIRIONs new research capabilities in Gräfelfing

    16:00                     Speeches by the Mayor and representatives of PerkinElmer Inc.

    16:15                     Visits to the molecular biology, cell culture and purification, and quality control departments.

    17:00                    End of the function. 

    There will be a live video stream of the Grand Opening Ceremony for interested viewers. If you would like to join us, please contact us at, and we will send you a link.