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Full customization service for Gene Therapy R&D

Optimize AAV tissue specificity and immunogenic profile

Adeno-associated virus are heavily utilized in modern Gene Therapy development. While standard AAV applications are suitable for pre-clinical target validation and proof-of-principle experiments, they can fall short during the big step into clinical application. SIRION Biotech’s AAV optimization platform enables you to address AAV limitations BEFORE you take that crucial step. All elements of your AAV strategy are considered and optimized with your project’s specific goals in mind.

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The 3 tiers of successful AAV implementation:

Transcriptional OPTIMIZATION

Customized vector design and promotor choices to guarantee optimal expression of your genetic strategy in the targeted tissues.

Transductional OPTIMIZATION

AAV capsid mutations and surface variant constructions to optimize the tissue tropism.


AAV capsid surface modulation to optimize/minimize the immunogenic profile of your AAV strategy.

SIRION offers full project management capabilities for new AAV optimizations including a firm comprehension of all necessary patent frameworks and options to develop new intellectual properties within the optimization project.

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