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Transduction Enhancers

Maximize your virus uptake with transduction enhancers from the experts

Restricted uptake of virus particles often lowers the success of gene or shRNA expression and requires the application of higher viral titers. However, increasing the amount of viruses to boost expression can lead to toxic side effects in many cell types and makes the application unnecessarily costly.

SIRION BIOTECH’s unique BOOST™ products were developed to specifically enhance the efficiency of viral gene transfer into difficult to transduce mammalian and rodent cell. Virus uptake is significantly increased without toxicity.

LentiBOOST™ – increase lentiviral transduction of difficult cell types, such as T- or B-cells. A real gamechanger for CAR-T cell experiments and R&D.

AdenoBOOST™ – make the most of your adenovirus batches by increasing the transduction efficiency 50-fold.