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LentiBOOST® is a highly effective, non-cytotoxic transduction enhancer for preclinical and clinical application of lentiviral vectors. It is a universal polaxamer-based, receptor-independent adjuvant which facilitates fusion of lenitivrus particles with cell membrane, significantly increasing transduction efficiency.

LentiBOOST® can be applied to a wide range of clinically relevant cell types including CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), primary T cells, NK cells, fibroblasts, and hard-to-transduce murine T cells. These unique features make it a promising candidate to improve clinical transduction protocols for ex vivo gene therapies and CAR-T cell therapies. 

In the demonstration above, LentiBOOST™ increases transduction by a factor of 5.

LentiBOOST™ Pharma grade

For use in preclinical research and process development only. For quotes and further requests on this technology, please inquire with

LentiBOOST™ GMP grade

For use in clinical stage protocols. Currently included in more than 20  Phase III and I/II clinical trials in the US and in Europe. Licensing options for Clinical/Commercial Use and Development are available.
Please inquire with

Benefits for Drug Development at a glance

Improved lentiviral transduction efficiency, up to 90%.
⇒ Increased expression levels of therapeutic protein have a favorable effect on success rates of clinical trials.

Positive impact on cell proliferation for CD34+ and T cells.
⇒ Reduced cost of goods, optimized and stable transgenic cell manufacturing.

Titratable vector copy numbers per cell.
⇒ Strong and durable therapeutic protein expression, in line with FDA/EMA criteria for ATMPs production.

Successful track record of integration into clinical trials (III and I/II) in the US and Europe.
⇒ Proven lack of cell toxicity and prior clinical applications expedite IND filing.

GMP grade batches available.
⇒ With all necessary documentation for direct integration into clinical programs.

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