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AAV Design & Manufacture

Custom AAV vectors for discovery and preclinical applications

Due to their unique biology AAVs are considered the gold standard for in vivo expression and knockdown experiments and have emerged as leading vehicle for gene therapies.
SIRION Biotech masters FPLC-grade AAV manufacturing and engineering services, providing high quality products. Our sophisticated technology platform allows the integration of virtually any desired expression construct within the vector’s cloning capacity. Batch sizes range from 1×10^12 VG (vector genomes) for small explorative experiments all the way to 1×10^14 VG to satisfy complete experimental cohorts.


SIRION BIOTECH offers manufacture of a range of AAV serotypes in combination with tissue specific promotors to further increase gene expression precision. Additional in-house features of the SIRION BIOTECH adeno-associated virus technology platform include surface modified particles for cell-specific transduction. Every project is personally communicated with our customers to ensure that the resulting particles are feasably designed and perfectly fit the final application.

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A complete descritpion of our AAV Manufacturing Services can downloaded here: AAV_service_description-2021.

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