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Engineered Adenovirus vectors for transient and quantitative gene expression or knockdown

SIRION BIOTECH`s patented BAC technology enables adenovirus construction in less than 5 weeks. The system complies with all standard safety criteria by using replication deficient E1/E3 deleted serotype Ad5 as basis. Virtually every desired gene or shRNA expression construct is possible, with a capacity of 7.5 kb.


  • Strong cell accessibility to dividing and non-dividing cell
  • Tight control of gene expression levels
  • High titer productions for transgene delivery in vivo
  • Inducible expression available to study toxic gene modulations
  • No site specific mutagenesis due to episomal genome expression

In addition to standard Adenovirus applications, SIRION offers a range of further customization options including a choice of custom promoters and transduction enhancers for hard-to-transduce cell types. Any project is thoroughly discussed with our customers to ensure that the resulting particles are feasibly designed and fit the final application.