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Custom engineered Lentivirus vectors for gene overexpression and knockdown 

 Lentiviruses are the most versatile method for gene delivery. Lentiviruses infect the broadest panel of cells of dividing and non-dividing cells, including primary cells, immortalized cell lines, hematopoietic stem cells. Thanks to a large insert site for an expression cassette, lentivirus offers flexible vector design, including insertion of several genes with a total capacity up to 5 kb. Lentivirus become a tool of choice
whenever a fast, efficient and cost-effective generation of stable homogeneous cell models is required, either with a strong gene expression or when knockdown is needed. In gene therapy Lentivirus are widely used for CAR-T cell therapy applications.

 SIRION Biotech’s custom lentivirus service provides constitutive and inducible vectors for overexpression and gene knockdown. Our multicistronic vector design results in highly homogeneous, stable cell models avoiding time-consuming clonal selection posttransduction. With the all-in-one inducible vector system SIRION enables working with difficult, cytotoxic genes and shRNA strategies. We offer vectors in less than 4 weeks.

Custom Lentivirus at a glance:

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  • Application field from in vitro to in vivo
  • Stable gene expression due to integration of lentivirus into host genome
  • Reliable gene delivery into dividing and non-dividing cells
  • Large packaging capacity
  • 3rd generation SIN vectors for higher safety
  • Highly homogeneous stable cell pools through optimized vector design
  • Mono- and bicistronic vector design
  • Caprsid retargeting options
  • Broad selection of promotors, selection markers and fluorescent tags
  • Reliable gene delivery into dividing and non-dividing cells
  • Inducible LV technology enabling characterization of toxic gene modulations based on TetOn and TetOff systems
  • Lentiviral particles titer variety from small to extra large
  • Thorough quality control and verification of physical and functional titers



 Figure 1. Schematic representation of 3rd generation SIN based constitutive Lentivirus vector expression plasmid for cell model generation. Promoter and resistance can be selected upon the experimental needs.


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