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Lentivirus Design & Production

Engineered Lentivirus vectors for gene expression and knockdown

Lentivirus vectors are the method of choice whenever a fast, efficient and cost-effective generation of stable cell models is required.

SIRION Biotech’s custom lentivirus service enables constitutive as well as inducible vectors for overexpression and gene knockdown. Our multicistronic vector design results in highly homogeneous, stable cell models avoiding time-consuming clonal selection posttransduction. With the all-in-one inducible vector system SIRION enables working with difficult, cytotoxic genes and shRNA strategies. We offer vectors in less than 4 weeks.

Custom Lentivirus at a glance:
  • Personal project consultancy with our specialists
  • Highly homogeneous stable cell pools through optimized vector design
  • Mono- and bicistronic vector design
  • Virion modification
  • Broad selection of promotor, selection marker and fluorescent tags
  • Reliable gene delivery into dividing and non-dividing cells
  • Fast, stable and strong expression
  • Inducible LV technology enabling characterization of toxic gene modulations
  • Potent transduction enhancers for hard-to-transduce primary cell types and increased tissue specificity.

Any project is thoroughly discussed with our customers to ensure that the resulting particles are feasibly designed and fit the final application.

Contact us – We are looking forward to discuss your project.