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SIRION Biotech’s inducible expression platform is based on the latest 3G TET technology. This guarantees a high sensitivity without leakiness. SIRION offers inducible lentiviral ONE-vector and TWO-vector systems.

Fields of Application

  • Establish stable inducible cell models
  • Circumvent cell adaption to stable genetic modification
  • Enable characterization of toxic gene modulations

SIRION’s benefits

  • TET-inducible All-in-ONE vector backbone
  • TET-inducible TWO-vector technology for large constructs
  • Highly sensitive without leakiness
  • Knockdown efficiency of at least 80% on mRNA level when used in combination with RNAiONE
  • Custom lentivirus in less than 4 weeks

Service Details

  • Cloning of your cDNA/ shRNA into an inducible lentiviral expression vector
  • Verification of cloning success by DNA-Sequencing
  • Lentivirus production in Hek 293 cells
  • Purification, concentration and QC
  • Lentivirus titration by qRT-PCR and determination of the infectious titer [IU/ml]
Infectious Units (IU)
≥ 1 X10^7
4-5 weeks
≥ 1 X10^8
5-6 weeks
≥ 5 X10^8
≥ 2.5 X10^9

*the table represents timelines for inducible Lentivirus generation, including cloning

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